Who Shot The Sheriff is a social deduction role-playing game in the veins of Mafia and Werewolf set in the harsh ambiance of the old west. Each player is given a secret identity and a unique special action. In order to win the game you have to guess their oponent's identities and act in your team's interest using deductive logic, verbal skills, treachery and your character's unique skill.

This game offers 18 different old west characters who secretly play for the Good, the Bad or the Neutral team. Eeach round you must secretely use your special character's skill and vote publically for lynching one of the players. On top of that, you can challenge someone to a duel, run for the new sheriff in town, get in jail and tons of other unique game mechanics.

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One of the main features in Who Shot The Sheriff is the role-playing. We felt that players really enjoy getting in the shoes of their characters and this really improved the quality of each discussion. That's why we embedded the harsh beauty of the spaghetti western atmosphere into each part of our game: the art, the story, the characters, the way we present our game in public events... etc. You can feel a bit of that atmosphere in our official trailer:




Our hard-boiled and cold-blooded old west characters play a core element in our role-playing experience. We hated the unsignificance of the "common villagers" in other social deduction games. Thus, we made sure that each of our characters is unique and equally important in the game. We also adore spaghetti westerns where everything is morally grey and follows the "everybody for himself" logic . We tried to embed that logic into our characters and allow everything: soft-hearted killers, corrupted sheriffs, good-manered hookers. You will find your favorite tropes and archetypes used in the western genre: The Sheriff, The Bountyhunter, The Outlaw, The Courtesan, The Reverend, The Judge, The Barkeeper... and each of them acts in a different manner. After hundreds of playtests we saw that no game was ever the same and there was always a different story conceived between the these characters and the players put in their shoes. 


Who Shot The Sheriff has been in production for almost five years and so far it has strictly been a family business. This is a long and emotional tale about two brothers and their father. They have all been raised with love for games and western movies and books. Years later they finally combined both of their passions and created this game. Martin Bakardzhiev is the game designer responsible for fine-tuning the fragile balance between all of the characters, as well as being that guy who's always irritating his friends for more play tests. Alexander Bakardzhiev is the product deisgner, who's invaluable experience in crafting, planning, printing and creating various projects turned this dream idea into a polished and good looking item. Peter Bakardzhiev is the artist behind all these hand-painted gorgeous looking character cards. We really felt that the old school aesthetic needs to apear consistently in each aspect of this game. Thus, Peter, who has been a fan of early 20 century illustrations, was the perfect artist to draw each character by hand with black ink and water colors.